Three Effective Strategies for Boosting Your Voice

BY: Dr. Steven Kirch
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Use any available means to get your word out there

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In order to find new clients, you need to boost your voice. In other words, you have to locate opportunities to amplify your message and reach prospective leads. These opportunities won’t come to you! In order to grow your business, you will need to be proactive in tracking them down.

Here are three strategies for boosting your voice:

1) Networking events

Whether you’re new to networking or a seasoned professional, these events are a great way to connect with potential clients. One way to gain access is to join a networking group. Another is to join your local chamber of commerce.

One of the benefits of networking events is that they can be less intimidating than other venues. If you took a sneak peek at other items on this list and felt a shiver of fear run down your spine, then networking events could be the perfect place for you to get started and practice your skills!

Most of us find one-on-one conversations a lot less stressful than speaking to large groups. You have the opportunity to establish a personal connection with the person you are talking with. Plus, since everyone is there for the same reason, you already have something important in common! You can use that shared goal to your advantage when telling people about your business.

As a result, the interactions at a networking event can feel lower-stakes, which reduces the pressure and allows you to focus on delivering your pitch.

Speaking of which, the key to successful networking is having an effective 30-second elevator pitch. I cover that topic here.

Of course, the goal here is to develop a relationship. Do not focus on selling to the people who are there. If leveraged successfully, the members of these networking groups will become your salesforce. Once they get to know, like, and trust you, they will send you prospects who you can convert into clients.

2) Social media

These days, social media connects us all. Using online communities can grow your business exponentially.

Creating a community on Facebook or LinkedIn will take your networking to the next level. Every user on these sites is a potential referral partner or client. Starting a Twitter or Instagram account will give a huge boost to your marketing message. Maintaining an active presence on these sites will allow you to develop a personality around your brand which will attract new clients.

I also suggest looking into a new app called Clubhouse. This audio-sharing community has been used by Elon Musk and Bill Gates—why not you?

Using social media effectively will establish your business as modern, relevant, and accessible. Every social media account you set up is a fresh opportunity to locate leads and convert them into profit.

3) Public speaking

Many people are terrified of public speaking, but it is one of the most effective strategies for reaching potential clients. You can reach dozens or even hundreds of people simultaneously, amplifying your message far beyond what is possible in a one-on-one conversation.

In order to be an effective public speaker, you will first need to develop a compelling message. This is one of the topics I address in my e-book, Mind Your Profits.

Once you’ve developed your message, your next step will be to locate speaking opportunities.

One easy way to boost your voice through public speaking is to appear on podcasts, either as a guest or by starting your own. This is the perfect option if the idea of getting up on stage and talking to a bunch of strangers makes you feel faint! Since podcasts are just like having a one-on-one conversation, they are a lot less scary—but can be just as effective if you are able to reach the right audience.

If you aren’t intimidated by getting in front of a group of people, speaking from a stage can be a great way to get your message out. One way to find such opportunities is to reach out to professional groups in your area. You should also stay abreast of any upcoming conferences and workshops that potential clients might attend. And don’t forget to work those strategic partnerships!

If you want to integrate public speaking into your business practice but struggle with stage fright, contact me to set up a coaching session.

Finally, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! A speaker at a conference I attended told us about a strategy he’d developed that proved as effective as it is unusual. While driving down the freeway, he would jot down the phone numbers on billboards. Then he’d leave a message introducing himself and saying that he couldn’t help but notice an “error” on their billboard.

When he got a call back—and he always got a call back!—he would explain how the billboard’s messaging could be more effective in landing new clients. This would lead to a conversation about how to craft an effective marketing message, which would then lead to a meeting to discuss how he could help this business.

These are just a few strategies for boosting your voice and growing your business. As you become a more confident and effective networker, the number of potential networks you can tap into will grow as well.

Which strategy do you like? Feel free to comment below.

If you’d like help in implementing any or all of these, please reach out.


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