The Path from Executive to Successful Business Coach

BY: Leah Zander
POSTED January 24, 2024 IN
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Are you a successful executive who’s just been told that you’ll have to return to the office…for real this time? 

Maybe you’re not sure that you want to go back. Working from home for the past two years has given you so much freedom. Sure, there have been challenges—a barking dog, the neighbor’s lawnmower—but it’s been worth it to have total control over your time. You’ve realized that there are more important things than your job, and you want to climb off the hamster wheel in order to prioritize the parts of life that bring you the most joy.

If this sounds like you, I have good news! There’s a solution: create your own business.

I’ll bet you’ve learned enough over the course of your career that you could bring enormous value to clients as a coachsultant. You’ll find it both fulfilling and profitable to share what you’ve learned with others.

I invented the Profit Minds Growth System to deliver the art and business of coaching to small business owners like you. The Profit Minds Growth System will give you the tools and training to build success on your own terms, and in your own home.

Today I’m going to give you a brief overview of the three parts of the Profit Minds Growth System: enhancing profit, boosting productivity, and building robust business process.

 1) Profit. In this first part, we cover the fundamentals of building a thriving coaching practice. You will identify your unique gifts and learn how to turn those gifts into teachable strategies. In this way, you will generate a steady stream of ideal prospects, turn them into clients, and grow a profitable business.

2) Productivity. The second part is all about how to get stuff done! As a certified facilitator of Dr. Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” I’ll teach you how to work more efficiently and effectively. You’ll learn how to pass these lessons on to your clients.

3) Process. Thirdly and finally, you’ll discover the secret to creating robust processes. All entrepreneurs get stuck and need to build systems to enable their business to grow. With the Profit Minds Growth System, you’ll scale your coaching practice and achieve your goals.

The Profit Minds Growth System is designed to build on what you already bring to the table. The practices that will be imparted to you are the product of proven success. My own coaching business saw unprecedented growth even during two years of COVID lockdown!

Of course, I use the Profit Minds Growth System when I coach my clients. All of my clients who’ve finished the first year have signed up for a second year, and all those have finished the second year have signed up for the third. Their loyalty speaks to the incredible results this system has produced for them.

With the Profit Minds Growth System, you will attract and retain high-quality clients. Not only will they want to work with you, they’ll want to keep working with you for years to come. 

Start your journey on the the path from executive to successful business coach today!


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