Creating Goals that Inspire You

BY: Leah Zander
POSTED January 24, 2024 IN
Coaching Program, Profit Minds Growth System

It’s a basic fact of navigation: if you don’t know where you’re going, you don’t know how to get there. This is true for sailors, it’s true for pilots, and it’s true for business owners.

Consider: what is it you spend your time doing, and what is it you wish you spent your time doing? By answering these questions, you can map a course from where you are to where you want to be.

As the creator of Profit Minds Growth System, I talk a lot about the relationship between profit, process, and productivity. In order to make progress in these three key areas, you first need to find a goal that inspires you. This goal should be based on your priorities, not someone else’s. It should concern a part of your work or life on which you can make self-directed progress every day. And it be something you really care about. 

The best goals are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. This is a tried and true method for achievement.

 Need proof? Just look at the moon landing. In 1961, President Kennedy said that by the end of the decade America would put a man on the moon and bring him back safely. By 1969, we’d done just that. Having a specific, measurable goal that was theoretically achievable with available technology, relevant to America’s interests, and bound to a time-based deadline allowed NASA to rally the motivation and the resources they needed in order to make it happen. Pretty SMART!

 You probably aren’t making a trip to the moon this year, but sometimes your goals seem just as far away. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan your journey to success. Once you’ve chosen an inspiring year-end goal, you can identify your ports of call. 

In fact, I find a very effective way to plan this year is to look three years in the future. Set your goals for 2026. Then ask: where do you need to be at the end of the year? The quarter? The month? The week? What do you need to do today to make progress toward your “moonshot” three years from now?

If you want to find the answers to these questions and so much more, schedule a 20-minute Readiness Review call. We’ll work together to chart a course to phenomenal growth. I hope to talk to you soon.


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