Why People Aren’t Making the Money They Should: Entrepreneurial Insights from Dr. Barnsley Brown

In this episode of The Profit Minds Podcast, Dr. Steven Kirch explores key entrepreneurial insights with Dr. Barnsley Brown, covering topics like women in business, financial success, relationship building, and a holistic perspective on wealth.

Tune into the episode for insights from Dr Barnsley Brown:

  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Dr. Barnsley Brown started her entrepreneurial journey for independence and non-conformity with academic standards.
  • Challenges Faced by Women in Business: Women in business grapple with pay disparities, societal expectations, caregiving responsibilities, and self-imposed glass ceilings.
  • Making Money in Business: Many struggle in business by focusing on the wrong tasks and procrastinating — they should prioritize revenue-generating activities.
  • Building Successful Connections: To succeed in business, prioritize one-on-one connections, as high-value connections stem from personal interactions.
  • The Meaning of Wealth: Wealth encompasses well-being and life balance — building a business around your life leads to true wealth and fulfillment.

More about Dr Barnsley Brown:

Dr. Barnsley Brown, an accomplished entrepreneur and business expert, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey due to her desire for independence and non-conformity with academic standards. She brings valuable perspectives on women in business, financial strategies, relationship building, and the broader concept of wealth, enriching the entrepreneurial landscape with her knowledge and experiences.


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