The Profit Minds Podcast with Dr. Steven Kirch and Barbara Spector

BY: Dr. Steven Kirch
POSTED January 24, 2024 IN
Profit Minds Growth System, The Profit Minds Podcast

In this episode of The Profit Minds Podcast, Dr. Kirch speaks with Barbara Spector, CEO of SmartMoves. Barbara is a sales development expert with 26 years of experience helping company unleash the power of knowing what they didn’t know about their sales team in order to take them from lackluster to blockbuster revenue growth.

Tune into the episode for insights from Barbara:

  • The biggest challenges facing sales leaders today
  • How Barbara helps her clients overcome challenges to drive growth
  • How Barbara is able to consistently help organizations achieve double-digit sales growth
  • The key elements of Barbara’s proven system
  • Real-life success stories

More about Barbara Spector:

Welcome to The Profit Minds Podcast with Dr. Steven Kirch. Dr. Kirch is the creator of the Profit Minds(TM) Growth System, a unique blend of profit growth, productivity acceleration, and business process for scale. In each episode of The Profit Minds Podcast, Dr. Kirch interviews entrepreneurs and small business owners from around the world with a unique story to tell.

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