Balancing Profit and Purpose with Jill James

BY: Dr. Steven Kirch
POSTED January 24, 2024 IN
Profit Minds Growth System, The Profit Minds Podcast

The Profit Minds Podcast with Dr. Steven Kirch, Ep 56

In this episode of The Profit Minds Podcast, Dr. Steven Kirch speaks with Jill James, CEO and Founder of The Jill James, a business strategy and operations company based in Los Angeles with clients across the US. The Jill James specializes in aiding female-founded self-funded enterprises. With a background spanning investment banking to tech startups, Jill leverages her expertise to help businesses align purpose with profit, focusing on ethical practices and sustainable growth strategies.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • Jill’s Diverse Background: Originating from a small-town background, Jill’s career spans investment banking, personal finance, and tech startups, culminating in her focus on aiding female-founded self-funded businesses.
  • Purposeful Business Design: Jill emphasizes aligning business decisions with core values. She helps entrepreneurs create filters based on their purpose, ensuring all decisions resonate with their mission.
  • Profitability Metrics: Jill’s strategy revolves around maintaining a minimum 30% gross margin for self-funded business success. This approach unveils hidden gaps and growth opportunities, ensuring sustainable growth.
  • Balancing Impact and Profit: Her approach isn’t tied to labels like B Corp but centers on ethical business practices, emphasizing transparency, ethical sourcing, and empowering communities.
  • Revenue Realism: Rather than fixating on revenue milestones, Jill encourages entrepreneurs to aim for revenue aligned with their needs and business sustainability, steering away from arbitrary revenue goals.

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