Carol Hukari

When I first met Steve, I was convinced that I didn’t need his services, because my entire life everyone told me how organized I was. The truth was that I was having trouble with ALL the things I had on my plate: networking groups, serving on a non-profit board, family responsibilities, etc – in addition to managing my at-home business. One day Steve at our networking group, Steve asked “Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do and can’t manage to stay on top of them?” I thought “That’s me”. So, I started working with him. Steve has given me great advice as I work out a system that works for me. I kept promising I would do daily meditations and walk on a regular basis. . .but I never did. Now, with Steve’s help (and my being accountable to someone else) I am doing both on a regular basis. I am also scheduling each day and tracking my progress. I’ve made tremendous strides as I continue to work on these goals.

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