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Obtaining Inbox Zen with Sarah Tetlow

Obtaining Inbox Zen with Sarah Tetlow

In this episode of The Profit Minds Podcast, Dr. Steven Kirch speaks with Sarah Tetlow, Productivity Strategist & Consultant, and the CEO of Firm Focus. Firm Focus provides experienced productivity and efficiency consulting, targeted training, and workshops for attorneys and legal professionals. Their mission is to help law firms and legal departments of all sizes increase their productivity, reach their mission critical objectives, develop a strong workplace culture, and develop a plan for continuous growth and focus.

Tune into the episode for insights from Sarah Tetlow:

  • Sarah’s journey to the productivity space and the part her parents took
  • Finding the work/life balance — creating the separation to ensure you are not always working nor feel like you’re always working
  • Sarah’s ARTT Email Productivity SaaS Course — Connecting ARTT (Action Reference Tracking Trash) with her five D’s (Do Delay Diminish Delegate Delete)
  • Advice on managing your email — Obtaining “inbox zen”
  • Special offer for Profit Minds podcast listeners! Use code ProfitMinds15 to get Sarah’s ARTT course for 15 % off (visit https://arttemail.com/)

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