Is your marketing material effective? Do you know why? Why not? 


In order to be effective, marketing material must enter into the conversation taking place in the minds of your prospects. This conversation is around two points:

  • They have a problem they don’t want
  • There is a solution they want, but don’t have

In our work with clients, we use a systematic approach called The Conversion Equation. It consists of four pieces:

  • Interrupt – this is the headline. It’s intended to grab their attention by calling out the problem they have but don’t want
  • Engage – this is the sub-headline. It’s to remind them of the solution they want but don’t have.
  • Educate – in this step, you connect the prospect’s problem they have with the result they want using your product or service. 
  • Offer – here you make a simple offer that’s irresistible. 

As I discuss in my blog post on the customer journey, you need to capture their information so you can provide them with the information they need to move from future buyer to soon-to-be buyer to now buyer and naturally they will select you as their vendor of choice.

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